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English is the official language of Mauritius, it is spoken by only 3% of the population. French is the native language of Franco-Mauritians and is used by the mass media. Eighty percent of the newspapers are written in French, which also dominates the advertising field. Mauritian Creole is the national language and is spoken by the majority of Mauritians. Nearly the entire population knows and uses Mauritian Creole for communication.

Mauritius independence in 1968 made the country a constitutional monarchy, but there was an amendment that pushed for the creation of a republican form of government. Mauritian culture is a combination of cultures, traditions and religions of many peoples such as Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, and Chinese. 25% of the Mauritian population is Creole meaning a mixture of French and African roots. Additionally, there is an insignificant amount of Chinese and Franco-Mauritian descent

Mauritian Creole Translation

The majority of Mauritian Creole words come from French, although a few are derived from English, Our Mauritian Creole translators are fully congnizant of these language variants. Indian languages, and several from Malagasy and Chinese. Like many French-lexicon Creoles, Mauritian Creole words often incorporate the article as part of the form of the word. For example: "liver" (winter), derives from the French "l'hiver", and "dilo" (water) from "de l'eau". In Haitian Creole translation, "water" would be "dlo" and winter "ivè." There is some disagreement as to the presence of a definite article in Mauritian Creole.

Mauritian Creole TranslationThe most famous Mauritian writer is Dev Virahsawmy. He writes abundantly in both French and English; however, he is famous for his efforts to popularize the use of Mauritian Creole. Indeed, his Mauritian Creole translation of several of Shakespeare’s plays are very popular locally.

While we do not have in-house Mauritian Creole translators, we can rely on qualified local linguists with impeccable command of both English and Mauritian Creole. With such linguistic recourse, we confidently can deliver accurate Mauritian Creole translations that will also go through the standard quality control of being independently proofread and edited for consistency.