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Companies that seek to communicate with Haitian diaspora rarely request this language service as “Haitian translation” because it means either Creole or French for Haiti. When requestors are not familiar with spoken and written languages in Haiti, they tend to think that Creole is not using Latin alphabet. It is our duty, as a professional Creole language provider to guide them and also inform them as much as possible.

Below are a few examples that confirm that the two Haitian languages —French Creole and Haitian French — use standard Latin alphabet. Interestingly, in Haitian Creole, we borrow most accents used in European French with three exceptions. The first one is the “accent circonflexe” found in French words that contain â, ê, î, ô, û. Additionally, we do not find “tréma” ë, ï, ü in the Creole language for Haiti. Finally, the accent that has been controversial for quite some time is the “accent aigu”. A significant number of Haitian Creole translators had initially put this accent on the letter e. Grammatically, it is incorrect.

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Achieve has several meanings in Haitian Creole but signifies primarily: reyalize, reyisi. Yon nèg ki vle reyisi nan lavi dwe ale lekòl, etidye di epi genyen disiplin nan tout sa li fè.

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acid is an English word that signifies asid in Creole. Gen yon asid koulè gri ki sòti nan motè bogota mouche sila te achete byen chè nan men yon mèddam ki rete dèyè palè ya.

acquaint (infinitive to) is a verb that signifies primarily: fè konesans in Haitian Creole. Yo te fè m fè konesans ak yon tifi yo rele Jozèt.

buy (infinitive to) means: achete in Haitian Creole. Kouzen mwen te vle achete yon kay Mayami men, podyab, li pa genyen bon kredi. My cousin wanted to buy a house in Miami but the poor guy does not have good credit.

One question that potential clients, who are looking for Haitian translations, usually ask is to whether translate their documents into Haitian Creole or Haitian French. We primarily recommend that they translate into French Creole. Ironically, the majority of Haitians who are very fluent in French will understand English; therefore, clients will take maximum advantage of their translation spending by rendering their documents into Creole. If they have the budget, they can optionally translated into Haitian French so they can effectively communicate with every spectrum of the Haitian community.