Haitian Translation

Achieve has several meanings in Haitian Creole but signifies primarily: reyalize, reyisi. Yon nèg ki vle reyisi nan lavi dwe ale lekòl, etidye di epi genyen disiplin nan tout sa li fè.

acid is an English word that signifies asid in Creole. Gen yon asis koulè gri ki sòti nan motè bogota mouche sila te achete byen chè nan men yon mèddam ki rete dèyè palè ya.

acquaint (infinitive to) is a verb that signifies primarily: fè konesans in Haitian Creole. Yo te fè m fè konesans ak yon tifi yo rele Jozèt.

buy (infinitive to) means: achete in Haitian Creole. Kouzen mwen te vle achete yon kay Mayami men, podyab, li pa genyen bon kredi. My cousin wanted to buy a house in Miami but the poor guy does not have good credit.

economy is translated as ekonomi: in Haitian Creole. Example of Creole translation. Nan yon ekonomi tèt chat tankou sa ane 2008 la, bank yo te sezi anpil kay moun ki pèdi travay yo. During the 2008 economic downturn, many people who lost their jobs were subjects to foreclosures.

fanfaron means dyòlè in Haitian Creole. Mezanmi bèl mouche sa pa manke dyòlè. Li abiye tankou papa kòk epi li di tout moun ke li genyen plizyè kay nan Petyonvil ak Montaynwa alòske se lakay moun li rete epi li renemen pran woulib sou moun. Nèg la a de po bouda li. Creole translation: What a boaster! This guy with fancy clothes pretends to have several houses in Petionville and Montagne Noire. That's his stories to everyone but he has nothing. He is like a homeless freeloader.

Most of the Haitian translation requests are from American English and they require the services of professional Creole translators, editors and proofreaders if they are to achieve anything worthwhile. Assuming that you would like to get English documents or texts into Haitian Creole, there are a couple of factors you need to bear in mind.

Haitian Translation

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