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Brochures, publications and your website are very important as they are what a client sees. It is important to maintain a great impression in the mother language, in this case French. The only way to ensure this happens is by having a perfect French translation. You must search for only the best provider of language translation to help you with your French translation needs. France is not the only country where French is spoken. The French language originated from the Romans who invaded France in the early ages. During the 13th and 14th centuries, the Catholic Church Latin language largely dominated France, its culture and language.

French Creole is not European French; it is synonymous of Haitian Creole. Whether you need certified Creole translation, Creole birth certificate translation into English, notarized Creole translation, Haitian Creole interpreter, Creole phone interpretation, Creole language consultation, our Creole translation site is your perfect choice. Please contact us for all your professional French Creole translation needs

French Creole Translation

There are quite significant differences between these two forms of French. These changes are in pronunciation, writing and in the conversational language. However, these differences do not bring about any language barriers amongst the dialects, the French words choices you make will mostly be based on your French translation target. Quebecois writing bases most of the words on the French language as opposed to using English origin words. For example Quebecois will use courriel instead of using its English equal e-mail or email.

These two versions can be understood in Canada and France, but courriel will most probably be used in Quebec and email in France. Haitian French does not have strong differences with Continental French. The accent in Haitian French is markedly different from European French

French Spoken Countries:

Congo Burundi Cameroon Djibouti Haiti
Belgium: Canada Chad Comoros Madagascar
Channel Islands Equatorial Guinea Rwanda Seychelles Switzerland
Gabon Togo Morocco Benin Guinea
Senegal Burkina Faso Vanuatu Rwanda Vanuatu