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Our specialty covers Creole translation from English transcriptions of recorded material with high incidence of technical terminology. Our elite of Creole transcriptionists have the knowledge of specialized vocabularies. In addition to English technical transcription translated to Creole or recorded in Creole, we also transcribe Creole recordings from varied educational backgrounds.

Creole transcription requires adaptation to variations in voice volume, speech, tone, speed, pronunciation and enunciation. Most of Creole interviews that we transcribe in Creole or translate to English, include, but are not limited to: focus groups for Diaspora with multiple Haitian interviewers and interviewees. The format for each report will reflect client's requirements. Our utmost responsibility is to meet the format requirements of each client.

Creole Transcription

English typed documents that result from translation of Creole transcription will be of high quality and accuracy. Proofreading is essential. We make sure that Creole transcriptions have no misspelling. We stand clear from inappropriate abbreviations, gross grammar and punctuation errors.

Creole Transcription Services

As a specialist of Creole transcription service, our transcriptionists serve more than one language and/or dialect. We offer transcription services from/into Haitian Creole, Grenadian Creole, Guadeloupean Creole transcription, Mauritian Creole, Louisiana Creole, Martinican Creole, and Dominican Creole. Parallel to the aforementioned major Creole languages that we transcribe, we service other Creole based transcriptions: Bajan (A language of Barbados), Guyanese Creole English, Tobagonian Creole English, Trinidadian Creole English, Vincentian Creole English, and Virgin Islands Creole English. We  handle each audio/video file with confidentiality and have our multilingual Creole transcriptionists sign agreements accordingly.

Haitian Creole Transcription

Most of Creole translations we deliver originate from bilingual audio/video files surveillance provided by Law Enforcement agencies. Companies that have a significant workforce fluent in Haitian Creole, request transcriptions and translations to help them make important decisions.We have qualified Haitian Creole transcribers who help us deliver professionally redacted transcriptions along with accurate Creole translations to English. 

Grenadian Creole Transcription

Grenada has a population of approximately 102,000 habitants. In addition to their Creole, English based, they have a dialect. Grenadian Creole transcription covers primarily a Grenadian dialect named Carriacou Creole English, which resembles the Creole of Trinidad and Barbado.