Creole Transcription

Creole transcriptions services that we provide include recorded interviews that occur in any corporate environment or country. During Creole transcription, Haitian transcriptionists are recommended to use appropriate formats with headers and footers. For classified Creole transcriptions, we will also transmit and/or upload completed reports to clients using a secure transmission method. Although the majority of transcription services that we handle are in Haitian Creole, we have a variety of Creole translators who can transcribe to Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic.

Creole TranscriptionOur specialty covers Creole translation from English transcriptions of recorded material with high incidence of technical terminology. Our elite of Creole transcriptionists have the knowledge of specialized vocabularies. In addition to English technical transcription translated to Haitian Creole or recorded in Creole, we also transcribe recordings of Haitians from varied educational backgrounds.

Haitian Transcription

Creole transcription requires adaptation to variations in voice volume, speech, tone, speed, pronunciation and enunciation. Most of Creole interviews that we transcribe in Creole or translate to English, include, but are not limited to: focus groups for Diaspora with multiple Haitian interviewers and interviewees. The format for each report will reflect client's requirements. Our utmost responsibility is to meet the format requirements of each client.

English typed documents that result from translation of Creole transcription will be of high quality and accuracy. Proofreading is essential. We make sure that Creole transcriptions have no misspelling. We stand clear from inappropriate abbreviations, gross grammar and punctuation errors.

Creole Transcription Tips

Client should ask for references from clients the provider has serviced translations and transcriptions.

It is also a good idea to check the number of years a business is established. A company with other 10 years of experience should be able to inspire reasonable trust as opposed to a nascent company.

Credit rating can also tell you how sound the company might be financially.

What is the company geographical location? Beware that nowadays several foreign companies have a US phone number (internet phone) though their physical location is outside of the United States. Though there are some reputable foreign companies, but client should think about a possible dispute. It might be easier to deal with a company in the United States and even reach a compromise than a foreign provider.

What form of payment does the company accept? A client might have a better chance to dispute a charge from a credit card than a payment made with a check. Credit cards companies like American Express are very efficient at resolving disputes.

Haitian Creole Transcription

What is the Quality Control of the transcription vendor? A phone call to the vendor may help with the first impression. If a client does not feel comfortable with the person with whom they talk during the initial contact, there is no reason to hire the translation company in question. When potential vendors cannot answer client's questions satisfactorily, there is a good reason to move on with the next Creole transcription vendor. If vendor writes with excessive typos during correspondence, their spelling errors might be indicative of their Creole translation quality.

Beware of companies, which require a deposit to start a project. Most reputable companies will invoice you upon completion. Statistics shows that a vendor that is too much money oriented may not provide a satisfactory service. Does the company have a refund policy? Finally yet importantly, one's judgment is the final way to go.