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Creole - English translator

Launched in 2005, we translate every type of documents including quality, research-based educational resources, marketing materials, medical publications, and legal contracts. We translate many documents into Haitian Creole for use in a number of settings: financial pamphlets, bilingual classrooms, corporate handbooks, bilingual immersion schools and classes, and after school for Haitian workers.

Our professional team of Haitian translators approach translations with the following key goals in mind:

Professional Creole Translation

Language Translation: as a premier Haitian Creole language provider, we regionalize the Creole translations so that the translated materials are appropriate for a variety of corporate, institutional, and academic settings located in the United States and Canada. From this linguistic perspective, we also strive to provide translations that are consistent across Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica, and Haiti both from a vocabulary and language structure standpoint.

Translations of Document

Leveling of Creole Translation: We take the reading and grade level into consideration for Haitian Creole translations and select vocabulary and language structures appropriately. Where multiple Creole words may be correct, we choose the word that is best suited for the reading, geographical location and/or interest level. Let us say that you want your translated website to target the Haitian diaspora residing primarily in Canada, target translation will take into consideration the cultural context. We will remain conscious of Canadian French influence. For example, the word "computer" translated in Creole for Miami audience might be closer to the pronunciation of the English word. So, we will have "konpitè¨" for South Florida and "òdinatè" for Haitians residing in Canada, Guadeloupe, and Martinique.

Literary Creole Translation: we constantly implement linguistic compliance to the Creole language. Furthermore, translations are approached in a holistic way, with the overall meaning and purpose at the forefront. We do not produce translated materials in a word-for-word manner. When translating songs into Creole, we take into account several factors that support developmentally appropriate practices: We do not do a direct translation but consider the overall subject, message, and important ideas and how best to express them in Creole.

Creole Language Development

Creole Translation Vocabulary: We retain key Creole terminology as much as possible to support language development, including addressing any new meanings for familiar words and applying them accurately within the translated Creole text.

Professional Creole translation is our passion. Our team of native-born Creole speakers works diligently to ensure that our translations are clear, idiomatically correct, and appropriate for the respective professional context and Haitian culture. Potential clients are welcome to call us to inquire about their Creole language needs. Our team will answer your questions over the phone. Request a free translation quote for Creole translation services. Whether you need a professional Creole interpreter, Creole transcription, and free Creole translator please feel free to contact us.

Haitian Creole Translation

The verb buy (infinitive) means: achete in Haitian Creole. Kouzen mwen te vle achete yon kay Mayami men, podyab, li pa genyen bon kredi. My cousin wanted to buy a house in Miami but the poor guy does not have good credit.

The word candidate means kandida in Haitian Creole but it can also mean yon moun ki ap aplike pou yon travay. Lè¨ kandida a rive lan Pòtoprens, li do yon bagay; lè¨ li ale Okap, li di yon lòt bagay. Mwen pa janm wè¨ yon politisyen mantò¨ pase nèg sila.Haitian Creole Translation Example of Creole translation: When the candidate is in Port-au-Prince he says one thing; he contradicts himself when he gets to Cap Haitien. I have never seen a politician lying as much as this fellow.

decide is an English word meaning deside, pran yon pozisyon in Haitian Creole. Pitit gason mwen gen pou li deside si li vle ale Ozetazini oswa Kanada. Piske li pa pale angle byen, mwen kwè ke peyi Kanada ap pi bon. Creole translation is: My son will decide whether to go to the United States or Canada. Considering that he does not speak English, I believe that Canada would be a better choice.

economy is translated as ekonomi: in Haitian Creole. Example of Creole translation. Nan yon ekonomi tèt chat tankou sa ane 2008 la, bank yo te sezi anpil kay moun ki pèdi travay yo. During the 2008 economic downturn, many people who lost their jobs were subjects to foreclosures.

Creole Translator

fanfaron means dyòlè¨ in Haitian Creole. Mezanmi bèl mouche sa pa manke dyòlè¨. Li abiye tankou papa kòk epi li di tout moun ke li genyen plizyè¨ kay nan Petyonvil ak Montaynwa alòske se lakay moun li rete epi li renemen pran woulib sou moun. Nèg la a de po bouda li. Creole translation: What a boaster! This guy with fancy clothes pretends to have several houses in Petionville and Montagne Noire. That's his stories to everyone but he has nothing. He is like a homeless freeloader.

There are a couple of factors you need to bear in mind:

The professional Haitian linguists who work in close association with us have an eye for detail. Their translations reflect extraordinary meticulousness. During the entire course of a Creole translation project, whether medical or legal, they prove to be excellent communicators. An admirable team of Creole translators are passionate about what they do. A professional, whose expertise is British English, is also a full-fledged linguist capable of rendering accurate Creole translation. More likely, S/he will refrain from translating American English to Haitian Creole. Potential clients should not shy away from asking us how successful we have been in delivering Creole language services.