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Creole Translation

We are a portal for Creole to English and English to Creole word translation of all types of technical and non-technical documents that is restrictive of instant Creole translations of words, phrases, and web pages. Real-time Creole translations,  automated translation services as well as Free Online Creole to English translator does not guarantee quality nor accuracy; it is expert human Creole translation continuously provided by our linguists for over 20 years that beats that challenge.

Furthermore, Creole translation is approached in a holistic way, with the overall meaning and purpose at the forefront. We do not produce translated materials in a word-for-word manner. We take into account several factors that support developmentally appropriate practices.

For translation, our Creole linguists refer to a variety of translation tools including, but not limited to Creole online dictionary, the creation of Creole glossary with a category of English text void of Creole equivalents. Source text may occasionally follow the same word order as target especially in the case of English Creole; nevertheless, the translated content is delivered by a professional human translator.

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Creole Translator

Creole languages spoken and written in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Grenada, Mauritius, Louisiana, and Haiti, are the speciality of our Creole translators who are comprised of a variety of native speakers, with higher education accreditation, and ample experience with accurate translation. 

We localize translated materials that are appropriate for a variety of corporate, institutional, and academic settings. We take the reading and grade level into consideration and select vocabulary and language structures appropriately. Where multiple words may be correct, our selection is best suited for reading. We constantly implement linguistic compliance. The different Creole languages that we deliver in exceptional turnaround go through a rigorous translation process in which back translation serves to validate the accuracy of the translation service. In carrying out a multilingual Creole translation project, machine translation is prohibited whereby the source language is handled by a human translator who uses translation software in order to create Creole translation memory which includes: Creole idioms, paraphrase, grammatically correct sentences, and localized Creole content of the source text.

Haitian Creole Translation

We retain key Creole terminology as much as possible to support localized Creole language development, including addressing any new meanings for familiar words and applying them accurately within any  translated text. Haitian Creole translators work diligently to ensure that contents are clear, idiomatically correct,

Haiti is a sovereign county, located in the Caribbean, with 27,750 square km, and a population is 11 million. This country has by far one the highest population density among the Antilles and probably the biggest Creole speakers in the world. Haitian Diaspora who understand Creole only is very considerable in the United States. 

One of its official languages is Haitian Creole, which s not as widely used as French. Some private schools do not use Haitian Creole at all. The language is even prohibited under penalty whereby a student receives a metallic coin for failing to speak French

Haitian Creole predates Haiti’s 1804 independence; it was the medium that allowed independence to come to fruition. Though Haitian writings, books and documents rely heavily on French, there are some famous Haitian Creole novels. Oswald Durand wrote in Haitian Creole the book “Choucoune; Georges Sylvain wrote “Cric? Crac!”

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