We are a portal for Creole to English and English to Creole word translation of all types of technical and non-technical documents that is restrictive of instant Creole translations of words, phrases, and web pages. Real-time Creole translations,  automated translation services as well as Free Online Creole to English translator does not guarantee quality nor accuracy; it is expert human Creole translation continuously provided by our linguists for over 20 years that beats that challenge.

As a unique professional Creole translation provider, we focus primarily on Haitian Creole; nevertheless, our team of Caribbean translators simultaneously can translate all kinds of documents from and into various Creole languages.  The word “Creole” aims at differentiating descendants of any ethnic group born and educated locally from the ones who were immigrant colonists. From its Latin root comes the meaning of being raised. The Spaniards used the word criollo in that effect; nevertheless, the Brazilian intended to markedly separate black slaves born in Brazil from their African ancestors. Regardless of its specificity, Creole is referred to the language of people from such historical context. 


Creole as a language arose in former European colonies. It has also disappeared in many places. Nowadays, peoples from the Caribbean represent the major bulk of Creole speakers. Interestingly, a variety of Creole exists all over the world.

There are three major groups of Creole languages. One group is Atlantic Creole, which is a blending of European languages -English-based and French-based Creoles of the West Indies- with primarily African and, to a lesser extent, Amerindian languages. Second group is comprised of Indian Ocean Creole derived from European languages and Asian languages. The last group is composed of non-European languages; for example, Nubi and Sango. These three groups are spoken in the Caribbean, Guyana, Indian Ocean and Western Africa.

Creole Translation

The French-based Creole is the most developed and most popular Creole. Haitian Creole has reached the level of written language with its grammar, dictionary. The same is not true for the majority English-based Eastern Atlantic Creole spoken in Antigua and Barbuda, Bajan Creole in Barbados, Tobagonian, Trinidadian, Vincentian and Virgin Islands Creole.

Portuguese-based Creole Arabic-based Creole Dutch-based Creole (Papiamento in Curacao) English-based Creole French-based Creole Yilan Creole Japanese Malay-based Creole Hindi-based: Andaman Creole Spanish-based Creole constitute another group of Creole language.

Creole Translation Memory

In carrying out a multilingual Creole translation project, machine translation is prohibited whereby the source language is handled by a human translator who uses translation software in order to create Creole translation memory which includes: Creole idioms, paraphrase, grammatically correct sentences, and localized Creole content of the source text.